3 Ways to Never Lose a Form Again

Whether or not your business has embraced digital tools like mobile forms, your team has most likely encountered the pitfalls of manual filing and physical record-keeping. The very nature of physical storage presents a cornucopia of opportunities for lost data and human error. For example, manually filing or rekeying documents presents various opportunities for forms to be lost while being delivered or organized (oops, wrong file!) or incorrectly entered into digital systems.

Fortunately, mobile forms immediately resolve these issues, presenting users with a foolproof way to fill out, share and store forms in the Cloud. To make things even easier, we’ve compiled three (digital) ways to further streamline and secure your document delivery and storage.

  1. Instantly add Tags
    Adding Tags to your forms is an easy way to simplify the recall of completed documents. Leveraging automated workflows, completed forms can be instantly Tagged with information entered into form fields. For example, if a Technician were to complete an expense report, their form could be automatically Tagged with their full name, their department and more. This dynamic, automatic feature ensures each completed form is organized in an accessible, effortless and flexible manner.

  2. Automate form and data routing to other systems
    Automated workflows can also help guarantee forms and data are immediately routed to the people and platforms that need it. Using our integrations, forms and data can be instantaneously sent and stored in other critical business applications, like Box, Salesforce, ServiceMax, Egnyte, Tableau and more. Using these integrations eliminates the need for rekeying or filing, resulting in fewer errors and reducing administrative demands. Bonus: Many of our integrations also host form metadata, adding context to stored forms. Additionally, Cloud storage automations can be configured to route forms to existing folders (or create new ones) based on entered data.

  3. Route completed copies to stakeholders
    Finally, instantly route completed form copies to your operation’s stakeholders, clients and partners – ensuring everyone receives the document they need, without the hassle of faxing, scanning or snail mail. Routed emails can even pull specific data fields and be configured to only send specific form page ranges.

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