ProTip: Use Mobile Forms to Improve Your QA/QC Workflow & Data

Quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) are cornerstones of quality management within every industry. It is essential that QA/QC procedures are not only completed, but completed thoroughly and in a timely fashion, so that QA/QC inspectors can actively manage the quality of their processes and products. 

Often times quality assurance and control procedures are delayed by manual documentation and processing. Paper QA/QC forms not only take longer to complete, but also require manual delivery, rekeying and filing, but also fail to host the contextual information QA/QC procedures demand. For example, when completing a quality control inspection using paper forms, any images of damaged products or output flaws must be captured via camera and printed or saved as an attachment. This scenario not only requires additional work and time, but also invites opportunities for vital images (and other visual aids) to be overlooked, lost or forgotten. 

Improve your quality control and quality assurance forms with new data types

Additionally, quality assurance and quality control require a vast amount of paperwork, which when completed manually, often results in cumbersome data collection, delayed processing and miscommunications. These issues are instantly and easily eliminated using mobile quality control and quality assurance forms. 

A powerful example of QA/QC’s impact can be found within our Oldcastle construction case study. Oldcastle is North America’s leading manufacturer of building products and materials, and the only national prefabricated bathroom manufacturing company. Before GoFormz, Oldcastle required workers to complete a 17-page document to manage quality on every bathroom produced, overwhelming factory workers and resulting in retroactively completed forms and a multitude of recurring errors. 

With GoFormz, Oldcastle can create customized quality control forms for each bathroom produced and management can analyze collected data in real-time and pinpoint inefficiencies. Oldcastle used insight from their digital quality control forms to uncover wasted painting costs in their bathroom production, saving an incredible $500K in paint costs per year.

GoFormz makes our quality control process simpler and smoother. Our production workers are actually completing the required documentation on time, and we’re able to use the data to save costs.
— Parimal Shukla, Manufacturing Engineer, Oldcastle

Mobile quality assurance and quality control forms can be easily completed from your phone or tablet, even without a signal. The ability to complete mobile QA/QC forms offline means information critical to the production progress can be collected onsite and instantly uploaded or routed to the back-office, once a signal is available. This real-time, onsite data improves processing cycles, eliminates delays and simplifies data collection from remote worksites. 

Completing QA/QC forms on a mobile device also eliminates the chaos and inconvenience of paperwork. Quality management teams are often burdened with a large collection of documents to be completed. With digital QA/QC forms, quality management teams can eliminate the clutter of paper documents, while reducing the need for physical resources and storage. 

One of the most impactful advantages of completing QA/QC forms digitally, is the ability to include new data types (that paper forms simply cannot handle). Here are a few things new, digital data types can help you accomplish: 

  • Collect signatures and approvals with digital Signature boxes
  • Input product details faster and more accurately with Barcode scanning
  • Capture product or process obstacles and flaws with Image fields
  • Annotate Images and diagrams using Sketch fields
  • Include GPS coordinates and Maps with a simple tap

Digitally transforming your quality management workflow leads to simplified data capture, increased visibility and elevated business agility. To read the full Oldcastle Manufacturing case study (cited above) click the button below.