Spotlight Form: The Patient Registration Form

For many healthcare practices, on-boarding new patients results in a variety of obstacles to quality care. When relying on paper forms, data is often missing, incorrect, or illegible, requiring further feedback from patients and time spent remedying mistakes. If mistakes are not identified, incorrect data can directly impact claims processing and authorizations. Furthermore, once paper patient registration forms have been completed, they then require manual rekeying, processing, and filing, producing further delays to patient care.

Digitizing your healthcare forms for efficient, HIPAA-secure patient intake is simple. Using GoFormz’ HIPAA-secure edition (click here to learn more about upgrading to our HIPAA-secure edition), you can upload a PDF of your existing paper form to our Template Editor, drag-and-drop digital fields (like Text fields, Checkboxes, Signatures, and more), and start filling out forms on mobile devices.

With the digital Patient Registration form, new and existing patients can rapidly enter their medical history and symptoms, which once submitted, are instantly accessible to administrators and medical professionals for review. Real-time access to patient data alleviates time-wasting bottlenecks to patient care, without compromising the accuracy or security of collected data.

Ready to get started? Here are the fields and features your team should consider, when customizing or creating their Patient Registration forms:

Drop Downs & Database fields
Empower users to easily select information from Drop Down menus – ensuring the accurate and efficient completion of necessary fields, and reducing opportunities for human error. Similarly, Database fields can be instantly populated with DataSource information (collections of your captured data) once certain information has been entered within corresponding fields. For example, if a user were to select ‘San Diego’ from a Drop Down menu of practice locations, corresponding DataBase fields could instantly be filled with a practitioner’s name, contact information, and more.

patient registration mobile form on iphone x showing data input into fields and insurance card image

Checkbox Groups
Easily manage checkbox properties and report on patient selections. Including Checkbox Groups within your digital Patient Registration form is one of the easiest ways to streamline authorizations, and medical history data entry.

Required fields
Make patient signatures, date of birth, and more Required – ensuring critical fields are completed prior to Patient Registration form submission.

Hidden/Visible fields
Make fields hidden or visible based on data entered into corresponding fields. For example, if a patient were to select a checkbox signifying they are a guardian accompanying for a minor, an additional Signature box, name and date field, could then be made visible within the form.

Signature fields
Rapidly capture critical approvals and authorizations, straight from a mobile device, with digital Signature boxes.

Image fields
Easily add Images of insurance cards and other helpful images, to add context to submitted Patient Registration forms.

Automated Workflows
Using GoFormz Workflows, it’s easy to route completed forms and collected data to teammates, Cloud storage, integrated applications, and more. Automated Workflows are recipe driven automations, that can complete a variety of tasks based on custom triggers – including real-time reporting, form Tagging, automatic emails, and more

About HIPAA-secure mobile forms
GoFormz has been certified HIPAA compliant by Sword and Shield Enterprise Security, confirming that the platform has met the requirements and Federal standards of HIPAA. Our partnership with Sword and Shield “ensures on-going compliance with the HIPAA Security, Privacy, and Breach Notification Rules”, ensuring the ongoing confidentiality and privacy of our users’ protected health information (PHI). Click here to learn how you can upgrade to a HIPAA-secure GoFormz account.

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