ProTip: Leverage Digital Features to Quickly Secure New Business

Paper forms often feel like sales kryptonite – making it difficult for your team to ‘strike while the iron is hot’ while simultaneously providing accurate, professional project estimates. This is due to the extremely manual, cumbersome nature of paper forms, which often require teams to revisit the back-office to finalize the calculation of project figures and secure approvals. These trips to the office result in unnecessary delays and opportunities for human error, which in-turn, threaten new business opportunities.

Fortunately, as more mobile sales team turn to digital tools like mobile forms, these costly delays and missteps can be easily prevented. This is accomplished through real-time, data collection, routing and application, along with embedded form logic and a variety of other impactful, digital features.

Automatic Calculations
Complete highly accurate estimates and other critical sales figures instantly, with Automatic Calculations. Rather than returning to the back-office to complete complicated calculations, Automatic Calculations empower your team to rapidly provide project figures from the field – eliminating costly delays and reducing opportunities for mathematical errors. This digital efficiency helps your team secure opportunities faster.

Eliminate manual math with automatic calculations

Digital Signature capture
Need a supervisor’s approval before finalizing a new business opportunity? Leveraging digital Signature boxes, forms can be instantly sent to key players for expedient authorization. Digital Signatures also help capture important customer authorizations in a professional, easy-to-reference manner.

Digital signatures help secure new business more efficiently

Real-time data routing
Once a form has been completed, it can be instantly routed to key-players for further approvals, processing and implementation. This is accomplished via Automated Workflows, which can be triggered by the completion of an action, and route forms to important people and platforms, instantly. For example, if a digital estimate were completed from the field with a customer, a copy of said form could be instantly routed to a customer email address input into a specific form field. Similarly, a completed digital estimate could be instantaneously uploaded to a Salesforce object, or another integrated platform. This automatic process not only helps sales teams communicate with their customers but also remain accountable, professional and timely.

Contextual fields
Finally, digital forms completed by mobile sales teams can be augmented with contextual fields like Images, Sketches and Maps, to better and more professionally convey project information. For example, a mobile form user could quickly input a project image directly into their form, and annotate the image to better highlight important project details.

These features not only help your team secure new business, but also establish long-term, successful customer relationships and repeat business opportunities. To learn more about which mobile forms can help your team better ensure repeat business, read this blog post.