5 Ways Digital Forms Empower Mobile Teams

Digital forms present a variety of incredible opportunities to bolster field team efforts, streamline data collection, and simplify processing. Filling out forms on phones and tablets not only grants field teams exponentially more flexibility, but also accelerates task completion, and enforces accurate, complete data collection.  

Construction workers on structure - digital forms empower field teams to seamlessly capture, route, and process job site data
  1. Generate forms anywhere
    No matter your location, forms can be instantly generated straight from a users mobile device. Utilizing dynamic and automatic form functionality, forms can even be generated and pre-filled with a user’s information – expediting form completion and reducing opportunities for error. Digital forms can also be dispatched from connected applications (like Procore, Smartsheet, and more) pre-filled with database or integration data. For example, an action within Procore could trigger the dispatch of a work order to a subcontractor in the field, pre-filled with project data. 

  2. Fully functional offline
    For many teams, work is rarely confined to an office or WiFi signal. Using GoFormz, digital forms can be generated and filled out, no matter how remote the location. Once a signal is reached, input data is instantly synced to the Cloud. These fully functional offline digital forms even allow for the use of DataSource capabilities while offline. 

  3. Capture new data types
    Digital forms further improve field team data capture, through the accommodation of new data types, like Images, Sketches, GPS, and Signatures. These new data types can even be uploaded to integrated applications, enriching connected platforms with visual context and beneficial project details. 

  4. Eliminate manual deliveries
    Digital forms can be submitted straight from a mobile device, removing the need for forms to be manually handed in. With instant access to submitted forms, your operation can save significant time and money, that would have otherwise been spent on hand-delivering forms to the back-office. 

  5. Increase job site transparency
    With immediate access to completed forms, new data types, and more accurate job site insights, back-office counterparts can better monitor field team activities. With improved insight into job site progress, back-office teams can more rapidly address field team needs and support opportunities. 

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