How Mobile Forms Improve Field Service Management

When your team is mobile, shouldn’t your forms be too? Field service teams rarely work from an office, making physical, manual tools like paper forms, clipboards and staplers incredibly cumbersome and forgetful.

Fortunately, mobile field service forms are incredibly easy to create, route and manage, and provide a centralized means of storage. Digitizing forms with GoFormz is quick, simple and intuitive – just upload your a JPG or PDF of your form, drag and drop fields in our web editor, add logic and dynamic features and start filling out forms on your phone or tablet.

So how do mobile forms not only modernize, but improve, field service management? Here are a few ways:

Simplify the tracking of training and onsite compliance
Better manage your team with increased visibility into their day-to-day progress. With mobile forms, track the completion of forms, location of data capture and onsite activity, using powerful visual data types and real-time updates. Ensure your team is up-to-date on training and other vital compliance activities using digital Signatures and digital training forms. For onsite teams, capture safety procedure data and safety meeting attendance and instantly route them to supervisors and teammates.

Improve insights with real-time data
Using mobile forms also helps field service managers to better understand the performance and potential of their operation. For instance, leveraging instantly available data, management could measure the outcome of customer visits and propose optimal visit times or other strategies to improve results. Because GoFormz mobile forms can be easily equipped with simple logic, like Required fields and pre-filled fields, input data is highly accurate, leading to more compelling insights and a better understanding of how your business works.

Elevate client-facing communications
Finally, because your field service forms are digital, once completed they can be instantly routed to input customer emails. Additionally, working in real-time management can respond to customer concerns and opportunities faster, allowing for increased agility and a more proactive workforce. With powerful, digital fields like Images and GPS, your clients are handed thorough, contextual information to illustrate the progress of their projects.

Interested in learning more about mobile forms for field service management? Check out our eBook, ‘8 Mobile Forms Every Construction and Field Service Company Should Have’.