Mobile Construction Forms Success Story

With a lot of these systems, the form on the tablet doesn’t look like the form they are used to... whereas with GoFormz it actually is the form they are used to – only, digital!
— Tony Tharp, Senior Technical Support Technician, Farrans
Farrans construction uses mobile forms to streamline their data capture

Farrans Construction needed a solution for the overwhelming amount of paperwork that needed to be handwritten in the field. It was often lost or damaged and required manual, time-consuming processing.

Implemented GoFormz so that digital forms can be completed on tablets in the field within a familiar interface (looks just like the traditional paper forms), and instantly routed to teammates.


  • Site Engineers can fill out forms digitally, within a form format they recognize and know well

  • Significant time savings of 60 hours/day

  • Job site documents can now be completed without being damaged in the field

  • Submitted forms are instantly available for review by the site secretary

  • Completed project documents can be easily shared with clients, detailing accomplished job specifications

Farrans construction team uses GoFormz mobile forms on iPads in the field to gather and route data


  • Inspection Forms

  • Safety checklists

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