Get to Know Our Starter Forms

You don’t need a pre-existing form to get started using GoFormz. 

GoFormz has a collection of Starter Forms you can start using as soon as you sign up! Each Starter Form is equipped with powerful, smart fields, List View (an app-like, index of your fields that is perfect for use on smaller screens) and the option to customize your form with Field Properties. 

To learn more about our Starter Forms, explore our full collection below:

Employee Evaluation    
Easily track employee progress with digital Employee Evaluation forms. Easily add employee ratings (e.g. “Exceptional Performance”) with Checkbox Groups, and rapidly enter employee information with Drop Downs pre-filled with previously captured data.
Expense Report
Effortlessly submit and manage business spending with easy to use Tables and Automated Calculations. Realize accurate totals, streamlined processing and more complete expense information with digital Expense Reports

mobile inspection form

Simplify Invoice collection and processing with Automated Routing and Calculations, Required fields (to ensure the capture of vital Invoice data) and instantaneous access to completed forms. 

Jobsite Inspection    
Enrich your Inspection data with new data types, like Images, Maps and Sketches, to bring context to captured jobsite information. 

Project Proposal    
Present professional, timely, digital Project Proposals to supervisors, partners and customers. Present project details in easy-to-use Tables, and include descriptive Sketches and Images with just a simple tap. 

Release Form    
Protect your business, employees and visitors with digital Release forms. Quickly capture accurate participant information and Images. Leverage centralized record-keeping and Cloud storage for simplified participant data recall. 

Request For Time Off Form
Expedite PTO processing with Date fields, Data Sources (allowing users to quickly fill employee information) and Automated Routing to supervisors for approval. With mobile forms, time off requests can now be made anytime, anywhere and approved rapidly.

Employee Timesheet on iPad

Accurately and efficiently track employee hours with the digital Timesheet. Simplify the management of overtime hours with Dynamic Field Properties, and collect more accurate payroll information with Automated Calculations. Receive payroll approvals faster with instant routing and access to completed Timesheets

Visitor Sign-In Sheet    
Digital Sign-In Sheets allow for rapid recording and recall of a facility visitor’s purpose, contact information and business affiliation. With Date fields, Time In/Out fields and Digital Signature fields, capturing visitor information has never been easier. 

Visitor Sign-In Sheet Advanced
A more visitor-specific approach to the digital Sign-In Sheet, the Advanced Sign-In Sheet collects even more detail. From purpose of visit, to contact information, the Advanced Sign-In ensures every visitor detail is accounted for. 

Ready to test drive the GoFormz Starter Forms? Sign up for a free trial, and get started digitizing your data and processing today.