How Mobile Forms Simplify New-Hire Training

Growing your business is an exciting opportunity to welcome new talent to your team. But with new teammates comes an onslaught of on-boarding exercises and documentation, often creating more work.

With digital forms, training and hiring documentation can be drastically simplified, leading to a more thorough, complete training experience. Looking to avoid growing-pains, and refine your new-hire training? Here’s how mobile forms can simplify your training, hiring and on-boarding: 

  • Instantaneous information
    Immediate access to submitted information allows for faster processing and approvals. For new-hires, this means orientation and hiring paperwork can be completed and process quicker, putting them to work sooner. 
  • Digital signature capture
    Collect new-hire and training supervisor autographs faster and more consistently with digital Signature boxes.
  • Required fields
    Ensure the capture of critical employee information with Required fields. 
  • Guided user experience
    Use Dynamic Field Properties to guide data input. For example, Dynamic Field Properties (DFPs) can instruct important fields to turn red or become Required once specific data or fields are entered. 
  • Pre-approved selections
    Leveraging Data Sources (a collection of previously captured information) can help improve the accuracy of information entered by new-hires. For example, a new employee might not know the contact information of their location manager. Once the new-hire selected their location from a Drop Down filled via a Data Source, the location manager’s contact information would then be instantly populated into corresponding fields –– reducing opportunities for human error. 
  • Simplified record-keeping
    Easily and quickly reference new-hire paperwork with Tags and centralized record-keeping (access your forms anywhere, at any time). 

GoFormz has even made mobile form on-boarding simple. To help onboard new mobile form users, be sure to direct them towards our Getting Started Guide and Video Tutorials