Simplify Employee Onboarding With Mobile Forms

Onboarding new team members is equal parts exciting and stressful—and works best when the proper paperwork, resources and training are made available. Often, business expansion requires rapid staff growth, making the proper organization of paperwork, resources and training materials feel like an unattainable luxury. Enter mobile forms...

By digitizing your onboarding materials with GoFormz, organizing and locating training tools and documents becomes incredibly simple. With features like Tags and third-party shareability, documents become instantly searchable and easy to share with new staffers. Relocating staff members can view their past pay stubs and hiring materials (like NDA's, I-9's and W-4's), with access to their data anywhere—regardless of location changes.

When Team Murph, a large Domino's Pizza franchise, experienced rapid expansion and a demand for a larger staff, their onboarding was fraught with misplaced paper forms, incomplete documents and miscommunication between new locations. Making the change to GoFormz, Team Murph was relieved of their paper-based burdens—with more complete, actionable digital data, Team Murph management streamlined their operations and enjoyed improved visibility into staff productivity.

Looking to simplify your onboarding? The following GoFormz features can help:

Make onboarding form fields required to ensure crucial data is entered completely.

Required Fields: New team members may not be familiar with your business’ data demands—ensure crucial fields are completed by making them Required. (ProTip: Make Signature fields required, to ensure new hire sign-offs are captured before documents can be submitted.)

Tags: Boost your business’ organizational efficiency—add Tags to forms completed by specific employees, departments or locations for easy searchability. (ProTip: Before adding Tags to your forms, implement a company-wide policy with your goals in mind, and communicate said policy with newcomers.)

Include images, sketches and data location in your mobile form onboarding materials

Unique Digital Data: Add unique, digital fields to capture compelling data, like GPS location, images and sketches, to gain better visibility into new locations. (ProTip: Capture team member locations with hidden GPS location capture, to gain better insight into staff productivity and workflows.)

Pre-Populated Data: Streamline tedious paperwork with automatic, pre-populated fields. Enable your forms to automatically fill fields with previously captured data, like addresses, contact information or relevant employee details. (ProTip: Pre-Populate onboarding materials with supervisor information, so new team members know who to contact with questions and concerns.)

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