5 Signs You Need to Dump Paper

You and paper, you had a good run...but things have changed; your business has grown, your industry evolved and digital tools have emerged as the gold standard.

We're going to be blunt—it's time for you to dump paper.

Breaking up is never fun...but dumping paper can be incredibly easy. Not sure you're ready? We’re sure you are—read below for five signs you should dump paper forms:

Your documents are accident prone: 
Coffee spills, job site damage and misplaced forms—all paper predators that plague even the most organized businesses. Keep your documents safe from real-world damage. Craft beautiful, digital forms that look just like your legacy paper forms....without the coffee spills and mustard stains. 

reasons to convert to digital

Something's not adding up: 
Incomplete, illegible, or incorrect data? We can't all be totally accurate, all the time. Avoid data mistakes and sloppy math with Dynamic Fields. Realize improved completion rates and higher productivity when you implement Auto-Calculations, to expedite and optimize data entry. Ensure the right people are entering the right information with Required Fields and Field-Level Rules, guiding the collection of crucial data. 

Your clients aren't impressed: 
Don't squander your first impression. Put your best form forward and present clients with beautiful, professional digital documents. ‘Wow’ potential business with instantly generated job proposals, quotes and project details—along with impressive Auto-Routing and rapid response times.  Many businesses are able to boost their customer satisfaction levels to new heights with GoFormz.

Paper is draining you: 
Stop throwing away your budget on paper, filing and unnecessary administrative time. Put your dollars to better use when you switch to mobile forms. Eliminate the need for excessive filing and cabinet space, with Cloud-Storage and access to your documents anywhere (at any time). Decrease administrative hours with streamlined organizational features like Tags, Folders and Pre-Populated Fields. Empower your workforce to work more efficiently with simplified data entry, Auto-Routing and the ability to complete forms with or without a signal. 

Your data’s trapped in Limbo: 
Paper forms and fillable PDF’s may be able to record data...but what happens next? Collecting data is half the battle, putting your data to work is the next important step. Mobile forms empower your data to do more for you; easily run reports, identify key trends, or pinpoint obstacles and opportunities, right from your device. 

Ready to liberate your data and elevate your potential? Click here to learn how mobile forms work