FAQ: Can GoFormz only be used on mobile?

Working from home or on the go, we at GoFormz believe in total access to your data—no matter the device. That’s why GoFormz can be used on both desktop and mobile, allowing you and your staff to seamlessly collaborate on projects and paperwork, regardless of their location or preferred tech.

GoFormz works on both desktop and mobile.

There are countless benefits to working with versatile platforms like GoFormz. When working from your desktop, you can enjoy uninterrupted access to GoFormz, while using your other Desktop-based business programs. Using our mobile app, unlock new data potential by leveraging native device features—like your camera (for Image Fields and Barcode Scanning), location tracking (for GPS and Maps) and more. Not to mention...the ability to work anywhere, with or without a signal.

We are constantly testing and optimizing across devices. Currently the GoFormz app is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as your desktop or laptop. For a full list of tested devices, please click here