The GoFormz Advantage

GoFormz provides many advantages to its users, including customer services, reporting and offline capabilities.

When it comes to implementing GoFormz, the digital advantages can seem obvious: sleek, mobile forms. Simple, right? However, using GoFormz provides competitive advantages other digital form platforms can’t deliver. Check out just a few of the reasons GoFormz can take your business further: 

Versatile Input Options, Consistently Polished Output:
With the ability to work across any device or desktop (phones, tablets, and computers), GoFormz caters to user preferences for data entry and provides a simple, intuitive user experience. 

Using GoFormz, businesses can present users with two options for data entryForm and List View. While Form View looks exactly like your existing paper forms (great for desktops, working with customers or catering to familiar form experiences) List View simply lists the fields included in your mobile form within organized sections (providing a straightforward, seamless experience on smaller devices). Regardless of a user’s selected data entry view, both views provide a friendly UI and result in a polished, professional form output. 

Often mobile form platforms restrict you to rigid data entry options, resulting in unprofessional, unorganized completed forms and a frustrating user experience. With GoFormz, users are provided with data entry options to better simplify their process, minimizing learning curves, expediting form completion and providing a positive user experience. 

Comprehensive Platform Reporting:
Don’t limit your understanding of your data to one-off reports. Using GoFormz, report on your account usage, captured data and business trends. To further simplify your data management, easily create scheduled reports, to be delivered regularly to key players for analysis. 

Offline Capabilities:
Implementing GoFormz within your operation means liberating your workforce to work anywhere, at anytime, with or without a signal. Often, form platforms require wifi or costly data plans to operate their products — limiting your team’s mobility and opportunities. Using GoFormz, users can enter data anywhere, regardless of signal strength or availability, and later sync their gathered data and completed forms to their account. 

Exceptional Customer Support: 
We love our customers, and are proud of our exceptional customer support team, and responsiveness. A major part of the GoFormz advantage is our availability to our users, and account services (like template building).