3 Unexpected Ways Mobile Forms Will Change The Way You Do Business

Digitizing your business is a transformative experience (literally and figuratively) for any business, but often undertaken with only a basic understanding of the many potential benefits. When it comes to implementing GoFormz, a general understanding of the platform’s features is enough to take your business to an entirely new level of professionalism. But going digital is so much more than a polished image - check out three unexpected ways mobile forms will change the way you do business: 

template editor
  1. Unleash your creativity: You know you can create digital versions of your paper forms with GoFormz—but did you know just how easy it is to experiment with new layouts, fields and form aesthetics with the GoFormz Template Editor? Consider including Contextual Information Fields (like Images, Sketches and Maps) as well as a variety of field options unique to GoFormz. Not to mention, you can change your template’s Background Image, as well as your logo, at any time. This creative and strategic freedom allows you and your team to build a mobile template custom catered to your needs...we’d like to see paper try and pull that off! 
  2. Planes, trains & automobiles—work wherever, whenever: It’s well known that mobile forms can keep your business moving across a variety of devices, locations and employees. But GoFormz takes mobile freedom to the next level—with our Offline capabilities, project progress doesn’t stop when your signal does, keeping you and your team on track. 
  3. Embrace your inner neat-freak: Paper forms burden your team with countless opportunities for organizational mishaps. Not to worry, with GoFormz, bid your filing struggles adieu with seamless organizational solutions built into your forms. To get you started, here are two of our favorite features to help get your team organized: 
    1. To sort through forms, use Tags: Organize your templates by client, document type or technician using searchable Tags, and never lose track of a form again. 
    2. To organize templates, implement Forms Template Folders: Store your templates in folders featuring unique user-permissions, and ensure each department is accessing their correct templates at all times. 

Need some extra help putting your best (mobile) foot forward? GoFormz offers Form Template Building Services, click here to explore more.