3 Ways to Accelerate Your Paperless Initiative

So you’ve decided to go paperless – congratulations! Making the decision to eliminate paper is an important step in improving your workplace, productivity, and innovation. There are a variety of incredible reasons to go paperless, including benefits like:

Increased efficiency

Ditching paper and manual data capture tools (like binders, staplers, etc.) helps your team work faster and more efficiently. Filling out forms on phones and tablets allows your team to capture, route, and process data in real-time, expediting the entirety of your workflow. Leveraging seamless form automations and integrated platforms (like Procore, Salesforce, Box, and more), collected data can be instantly synced to the places you need it most – no rekeying, scanning, or filing required.

Elevated data accuracy

Utilizing embedded business logic, Automatic Calculations, Dynamic Field Properties (like Required fields), and Data Sources, data input into mobile forms is pre-processed and sanitized, before a form is submitted. With pre-populated form dispatch, forms can be instantly routed to field teams, pre-filled with highly accurate information. These features lead to higher quality data, which in turn, lead to more reliable, compelling business insights.

Reduced administrative overhead

Paper forms require so much more than paper products alone! When relying on paper forms to capture business data, your operation must also depend on manual storage space, physical record-keeping tools (like files, filing cabinets), printing materials, and even the fuel required to hand-deliver forms. These temporary, expensive supplies can dramatically impact your administrative budget, as well as your bottomline. By digitizing your forms for use on mobile devices, these manual data capture supplies can be rapidly eliminated, reducing overhead, along with administrative hours.

A happier workforce

Filling out paper forms in the field can be extremely problematic and frustrating. When working in inclement weather, at extreme heights, and other unique work sites, paper forms are a cumbersome hassle that adds to your team’s stress. Using digital forms on your phones and tablets weather-proofs your forms, while allowing for thorough data capture during challenging tasks. With less stress, faster forms, and reduced data capture demands, paperwork and field data collection doesn’t have to be such a bummer.

So how can you jumpstart your operation’s paperless initiative? Here are three quick tips to help you embark on your digital journey:

Know the facts and stats

When presenting your paperless initiative to management and other decision makers on your team, come armed with stats detailing your business’ potential savings. Using the GoFormz ‘Savings Calculator’, your business can quickly calculate your potential savings. Having an understanding of your digital solution’s time and budget benefits will help your team comprehend the incredible potential of a paperless workplace.

Select a ‘no code’ digital form solution

Businesses will often delay going paperless due to the perceived difficulties and expenses of building digital forms. Using mobile form platforms, like GoFormz, this assumption could not be further from the truth. With GoFormz, you can simply upload a PDF or JPG of your existing form, drag-and-drop digital fields onto your form, and then add logic and automations. This process is intuitive and requires no IT support or coding.

Create identical, digital versions of your existing forms

Using mobile forms that look exactly like your existing forms simplifies on-boarding, by allowing teams to collect data within a familiar interface. This digital form acts as a mobile front end to your corresponding, automated processing – allowing field teams to capture and route data digitally, while still interacting with a document they know and understand.

Interested in exploring the fields, features, and benefits to prioritize when selecting your mobile forms and data capture platform? Check out the ‘Mobile Forms Buyer’s Guide’ to learn more.