Learn to Leverage GoFormz Integrations

Making the decision to digitize your documents can feel like a major interruption to your regular operations. But with GoFormz, it doesn’t have to be.

When it comes to the GoFormz user interface, you probably already know the drill: professional digital forms, user-friendly familiarity, customizable aesthetic—but are form Integrations still a mystery? One of the most powerful aspects of the GoFormz platform is its backend flexibility and vast potential for Integrations.

When we set out to design a digital solution to paperwork, we knew that static digital forms wouldn’t be enough. Data, whether trapped within paper forms or static PDF’s, rarely stays in one place—so we aimed to develop a product that integrated with other popular business systems, to minimize workflow interruptions, and make data collection easier.

There are a variety of ways you can take advantage of form integrations, utilizing GoFormz’ strategic partnerships and API. Explore your options and their accompanying use cases below:

The GoFormz API:
Our API allows users to programmatically access and update data. GoFormz API users have access to any data submitted within any form in your account, including values that would otherwise not be included in a standard export (i.e. Signatures, GPS data, Images).

The GoFormz API can be used in a number of ways. Whether you are looking to create form drafts with Pre-Populated information, retrieve completed forms and their associated data or delete a form once its data is harvested—leveraging our API allows you to take data collection further.

The ServiceMax integration allows your team to pass data between form fields and field service apps.

Strategic Partner Integrations:
Connect your GoFormz account to your existing Box or ServiceMax accounts to seamlessly pass data between platforms. Integrate with these Strategic Partners to streamline your data collection and productivity, with features like Pre-Populated fields, auto-saved completed forms (within Box or ServiceMax) and more.  

Field service professionals harness the power of GoFormz Partner integrations by connecting their account to ServiceMax. The ability to pass real-time data between form fields and field service apps, allows for augmented ServiceMax reporting, GoFormz user efficiency and countless opportunities to optimize both GoFormz and ServiceMax user productivity.  

Integrate hundreds of your favorite apps with Zapier. 

Connect Your Apps With Zapier:
Easily connect GoFormz form fields to your entire toolbox of apps using Zapier. Once you’ve mapped GoFormz fields to corresponding third-party web apps, you can configure Triggers, Actions and default values accordingly.

Using Zapier, GoFormz can be paired with web apps already incorporated into your workflows. No need to disrupt familiar workflows, hundreds of popular apps (like MailChimp, Salesforce and QuickBase) can all be Zaps.

Interested in exploring your integration opportunities? Click here to explore the GoFormz API Developer Hub