Features to Include In Your Mobile Hospitality Forms

Building powerful, digital hospitality forms is a simple, sustainable way to improve your business’ efficiency, customer service, and communication. Digitizing your existing paper hospitality forms not only provides a more flexible, accessible means of data capture, but also simplifies record-keeping, encourages accountability, and reduces administrative overhead.

Digitizing your existing hospitality forms with GoFormz is incredibly simple – just upload a JPG or PDF of your form, drag-and-drop ‘smart’ fields, add logic and automations, and start filling out forms using the GoFormz app. So what ‘smart’ fields should you add to your mobile hospitality forms? Here are a few powerful form fields to consider leveraging:

Digital Signature box
Collecting authorizations digitally allows for more rapid approvals, simplified signature recall (if a dispute or conflict arises, it’s far simpler to search for a digital signature than hunt through files of paper forms), and more complete forms. Digital Signature boxes can even be made Required, ensuring critical authorizations are collected prior to form submission.

Image field
Need to record damage in a guest’s room? Spot a food safety hazard? Including Image fields within your mobile hospitality forms enables your team to rapidly input photos, and even dynamically upload them to folders within connected business apps (like Box, DropBox, ServiceMax, and more). Image fields can also be annotated, allowing users to highlight key details and areas of concern.

Date & Time fields
Recording your guests’ length of stay just got even easier – with just a few taps, users can enter important dates and times.

Table fields
Including Table fields within your mobile hospitality forms is the simplest way to capture data and line items in an organized, legible fashion. Tables can even be equipped with Automatic Calculations, drastically simplifying and expediting billing.

Barcode Scanning
Adding Barcode fields to your hospitality forms allows for inventory and equipment to be scanned and instantly populate relevant, highly accurate information, like price, quantity, and more.

Instantly Tag mobile hospitality forms with key identifiers (like the name of a department or type of form) for quick and easy recall and record-keeping.

Drop Downs
Keep your departments organized and accurate, with Database fields and Drop Downs. Drop Down menus can be used to pre-fill relevant fields with hospitality data (like housekeeping supervisors, restaurant management, and more) based on an initial selection.

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