Simplify Meat Processing Data Capture with Digital Inspections

From packaging to distribution, meat processing operations undertake a large variety of responsibilities that require thorough documentation and highly accurate data. When relying on paper forms to capture critical meat processing data, businesses run the risk inaccurate data, heavily delayed documentation, illegible forms, and miscommunications – resulting in lost time and revenue.

Improve your meat processing data capture and efficiencies with mobile inspection forms

With mobile forms, businesses from any sector of meat processing can not only enforce accurate data capture, but also streamline form sharing, analysis, and record-keeping. Among these mobile meat processing forms is the digital Inspection form. This versatile mobile form can be used for a variety of meat processing tasks – from food safety inspections and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) procedures, to Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP) and shipping condition reviews.

Your existing meat processing inspection forms can be easily uploaded to the GoFormz drag-and-drop Template Editor, where it can be quickly digitized. Within the Template Editor, you can add powerful fields and logic to your form, including:

  • Images & sketches
    Rapidly capture and annotate onsite Images (e.g. warehouse hazards, packaging errors, quality control concerns, etc.) and effortlessly increase operational visibility.

  • Maps & GPS
    Easily capture the locations of warehouses, animal care facilities, distributors and more, with simply a few taps.

  • Barcode Scanning & Database fields
    Quickly scan Barcodes to instantly fill product details (e.g. SKU #, sell by dates, price, etc.) – saving time and increasing accuracy. Leveraging Database fields, like Drop Down menus, input data and data selections can instantly fill relevant fields with previously collected data.

  • Automatic Calculations
    Ensure form calculations and totals are accurately and efficiently completed with Automatic Calculations.

  • Digital Signatures
    Simplify and expedite authorizations with digital Signature boxes, which can be made Required, ensuring forms are signed prior to submission.

  • Date & Time fields

To further improve your meat processing data capture workflow, your GoFormz mobile forms can be integrated with your other business applications (like ServiceMax, Salesforce, Smartsheet, Box, Dropbox, and more), allowing data to be instantly piped from your forms, to your other critical systems.

To learn more about how GoFormz can help your meat processing operation, check out this case study from Prestage Farms.