Finding Multi-Department Harmony with GoFormz

Collaborate with multiple departments easily.

Operating within a leadership role at any business or organization requires a great deal of patience and a knack for multitasking. Often, when management is limited to communicating valuable insights through paper-trapped data — synchronizing multi-department business goals, workflows and resources can become an insurmountable undertaking. 

Enter, GoFormz. Although known for our easy to implement, powerful mobile forms, GoFormz acts as so much more than a forms solution for many brands — empowering businesses to improve multi-department communication and collaboration, using the following intuitive platform features:

  • Instantly send forms and data to the departments that need them
    Using simple logic, enable your mobile forms to instantly route to key-players (e.g. send a copy of your Timesheet to Payroll and/or a supervisor) once specific criteria has been met. Or, email a form to a contact once you’ve completed your document. Simple, instant delivery of data to any department.
  • Capture approvals from multiple supervisors or department heads
    Our mobile forms allow for multi-touch Signatures, meaning more than one person signs a single form. Using this feature, allow for approvals from multiple individuals within business documents — so you can spend less time processing a multitude of documents and autographs, and get to work faster. 
  • Unique fields provide crucial context data may otherwise lack
    When collaborating with other departments, contextual information can play a vital communicatory role. Use the GoFormz Image field to capture valuable, visual information from a worksite or project, so other departments can fully grasp every crucial detail. Or, use Sketch fields to draw over and annotate diagrams and images submitted from other departments, to highlight concerns and hazards, or take note of exciting features.

After implementing digital forms and procedures, businesses not only reap the benefits of a paperless workplace (e.g. reduced filing and paper processing expenses, eliminating the need for excessive storage, etc.) but also enjoy the perks of digital collaboration: 

  • No waiting on paperwork — forms are instantly available once completed. 
    This means HR can go ahead and approve an employee’s Request for Time Off form, while said staff member can keep a record of their submitted request, and can also route an additional copy to involved supervisors… within a few minutes, rather than days. 
  • Reporting is simplified, across your entire platform. 
    No more manually rekeying data, or compiling reports from various departments, only to be faced with discrepancies. Using GoFormz, report across all departments within your account, unlocking new insights that would otherwise be trapped in your filing cabinet.