4 Mobile Forms for Facility Management

Facility Managers play a vital role in the support of an operation’s tenants, facilities and assets, while adhering to strict regulations and a regularly evolving workplace. 

Facility Managers strive to run a ‘lean operation’, completing a large number of tasks, with a limited number of resources. The financial and administrative demands of paper forms and tangible storage, however, can make running a ‘lean operation’ difficult. 

Enter, GoFormz. 

Using GoFormz, Facility Managers can rapidly (and easily) digitize their Facility Management forms, resulting in a more accessible, cost effective approach to operational documentation. 

Ready to digitize your Facility Management forms? Get inspired with these four mobile forms for Facility Management:

Asset & Facility Inspections: The Inspection Form
Mobile Inspection forms result in faster processing and improved inspection data accuracy. Simplify inspections by dispatching forms with pre-filled data (e.g. previously captured business information), leveraging Conditional Logic and including easy to use fields, like the Drop Down list. Enrich inspections with Image fields and GPS data, to better illustrate potential hazards and improve responsiveness.
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Tenant Safety: The Safety Checklist
Ensure the safety of tenants and visitors with digital Safety Checklists. With easy-to-use Checkbox Groups, digital Signature capture and automated form sharing (to supervisors, etc.) reviews of safety procedures and precautions can be completed more easily and accurately. Mobile Safety Checklists can help ensure each safety measure is confirmed and recorded before submission, by making specific fields Required.

Maintenance Requests: The Work Order
Used to collect vital project details, and associated costs, digital Work Orders improve the efficiency of project data collection, while elevating professionalism and streamlining your team's workflows. By utilizing Automatic Calculations and Quickfill lookups, digital Work Orders empower project data accuracy to be effortlessly improved. 
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Visitor Management: The Sign-In Sheet
Digital Sign-In Sheets allow for rapid recording and recall of a facility visitor’s purpose, contact information and business affiliation. With Date fields, Time In/Out fields and digital Signature fields, capturing visitor information has never been easier. 
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