Elevate Retail Management with Mobile Forms

Managing a retail operation is a constant juggling act, requiring the supervision of not only merchandise and finances, but also employees, business premises, customer needs, and more. These ever-changing demands can be extremely difficult to manage when relying on paper forms and manual data capture – risking human error, data loss, and even budgeting errors.

Digitizing your retail forms eliminates the risks of manual data capture, while simultaneously streamlining supply chain management, strengthening policy oversight, and simplifying inventory documentation. Here are a few ways mobile retail forms and digital data capture can elevate your retail management:

Better data
Mobile retail forms make it easy for teams to capture better data, via embedded business logic and an intuitive, familiar interface. Because mobile retail forms can look exactly like your existing forms, retail teams can enter their data into digital forms they recognize – simplifying user adoption. When building your mobile retail form, it’s easy to add powerful dynamic features to guide user input, like Required fields. Similarly, forms can be equipped with Automatic Calculations, ensuring form figures are completed efficiently and accurately, every time. Mobile retail forms can also be enhanced with skip logic, dynamic hidden fields, and more.

Increased transparency
Mobile retail forms effortlessly improve transparency across each of your business locations. Leveraging new data types, like Images, GPS/Maps, and Sketches, enables retail teams to rapidly add visual context to form data. For example, if an operation received a shipment of damaged goods, an Image of the merchandise could be easily captured and input, straight from a mobile device. This Image could then be annotated, highlighting key areas of concern.

Because data is instantly available upon a form’s completion, retail management teams can garner important insights and respond to store needs in real-time (rather than waiting for information to be rekeyed, emailed or verbally relayed). With increased data capture and higher quality data, retail managers can better anticipate business obstacles and opportunities, no matter their location.

Simplified inventory and inspections
Mobile retail forms can be further improved with powerful features like Barcode Scanning. Leveraging Database fields and Data Sources, scanned barcodes can instantly populate relevant fields, like a product’s name, price, SKU and more. Barcode Scanning used alongside Automatic Calculations, inventory and store inspections can be completed rapidly and precisely.

Seamless data routing and integrations
Once completed, mobile retail forms can be instantly routed via an Automated Workflow to teammates, customers, and partners. Mobile forms can also be integrated with your other business apps and databases (like Salesforce, Smartsheet, Box, Egnyte, Dropbox and more) so that captured data is instantly available and synced to your other business systems. Integrating your digital retail forms eliminates the need for rekeying data and physical storage, while accelerating accounting and payroll processes.

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