Declutter Creativity: GoFormz Features That Creative People Should Know

Confining your work to inflexible paper forms limits your creative potential. Liberate your data and discover entirely new opportunities for innovative advancement. Whether you’re tasked with a challenging product design or simply looking to rebrand, these GoFormz features will take your creativity to new heights: 

Image and Signature Fields
Craft Release Forms (eg waivers, photoshoots, etc) and effective product descriptions with image fields and signature capabilities. Easily include head shots, product images, site inspection images or design diagrams within your forms, to better illustrate product features and quality. 

Quickly capture waiver and release permission with required signature fields and dynamic elements. Instantly match head shots to signatures, streamlining organization and preventing essential permission documentation from being lost in an avalanche of paperwork. 

Highlight & Annotate
Encourage creative collaboration. Efficiently address product concerns and opportunities with the ability to sketch over diagrams and images, and insert indicator arrows. These easy to add elements allow your team to highlight areas of interest, and provide constructive edits and changes. 

Different-Logo (3).png

Aesthetic Agility
Evolve your forms with your brand. Your documentation is a direct reflection of your brand aesthetic--make it count! With GoFormz, change your logo, edit your background image and reorganize fields as you please. Your brand, your forms, your design.

Looking to optimize your forms? Check out this video to learn how to add fields to your mobile forms